About this Guide

This guide is intended to provide some tips and tricks as you navigate Denver for the Society for Disability Studies (SDS) conference. It is by no means complete; instead, it reflects my own experience roaming the area and assembling local resources. Here is the SDS Access Guide for Denver in Microsoft Word, which contains the same information that is on this site.

The guide contains sections on travel to Denver, the conference hotel, eating near the conference hotel, and things to do in Denver. I’ve provided hyperlinks in case you’re using it online (though I cannot verify that all links are to accessible sites).

My overall statement about Denver is simple: it is very sunny, very dry, and the altitude is something to take seriously (drink about twice as much water as usual, even in the city). The people are a mix of West Coast, Midwest, and what I call “frontier,” so you never know what kind of friendly you might get. If you’ve got specific questions I might answer as a person who has lived in Denver for six years (and does not ski), do let me know.

I hope this is helpful, and see you at SDS!

Amy Vidali